Pencil Drawing

Pencil is usually one of the first tools most young artists begin studying as an art medium. Its ability to be erased makes it ideal for letting your creativity pour out unhindered.

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Charcoal Drawing

Burnt pieces of wood were probably one of the first tools humans used for mark-making. With it’s deep black color, charcoal allows for a rich range of values.

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Ink Drawing

Ink can be used from a pen, a bottle, a marker, a quill, or a brush – or anything else really. Ink’s liquidity makes it free-flowing and easy to transfer from one place to another.

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Colored Pencil Drawing

Pigmented pencils are a beloved drawing tool for students as well as for professional artists and illustrators. They are still a relatively new drawing medium, perfect for experimenting with.

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Digital Drawing

Digital drawing is the latest way to draw and is exploding in popularity just as fast as it is advancing technologically. The tools, programs, apps, and techniques are changing all the time, making it an exciting area of drawing to practice.

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