How to draw a car – Step By Step

Step 1 – Draw the ground.

Draw a straight horizontal line across your paper for the ground. By drawing the ground first, it’ll be easier to make our car look more even.

Illustration for Step 1 - Draw the ground, showing a straight line drawn across a page.

Step 2 – Draw the wheels

Make a small mark in the middle of the line you drew in step 1 for the ground. Then, make two small marks at the halfway point between this middle mark and the ends of the line. This will essentially divide your ground line into four equal segments.

Draw circles directly over the two marks on either side of the center mark. Make sure they touch the ground! Try your best to make them as close to the same size as each other as possible.

Illustration for step 2, draw the wheels, showing where to add two wheels to the line for the ground.

Step 3 – Draw the bottom of the car

Draw a line that goes parallel to the ground line, and almost as long as it, skipping the area inside the circles for the wheels.

This will look like the bottom edge of the car.

Illustration for step 3 - draw the bottom of the car, showing where to draw a line for the bottom of the car.

Step 4 – Draw the trunk

Draw a curved line coming up from the left side of the bottom line of the car that we just drew. This will be for the car’s trunk. The end of this curved line should line up about evenly with the center of the left wheel.

Illustration for step 4 - draw the trunk, showing where to draw a curved line for the back of the car.

Step 5 – Draw the front of the car

Next let’s draw the front of the car. Make a curved line that goes out a bit from the right side of the line for the bottom edge of the car and curves up to the beginning of the front wheel.

Illustration for step 5 - draw the front of the car, showing where to draw a curved line representing the front of  a car.

Step 6 – Draw the roof

Draw a curved line connecting the trunk with the front of the car. It should be slightly straighter on the right side for the windshield, and slightly rounder on the back side, for the rear window of the car.

Illustration for step 6 - draw the roof, showing where to draw a curved line to create the top edge of the car.

Step 7 – Draw the bumper

Now, draw a line that’s parallel to the bottom edge of the car, going from the front all the way to the back. Don’t draw in the spaces inside the tires. This line will be for the car’s bumper.

Illustration for step 7 - draw the bumper, showing where to draw a straight line for the car's bumper.

Step 8 – Draw the side mirror

Draw a small U shape with a line closing it off. This will be for the side mirror of the car. In real life, cars have two side mirrors, one on the left and right side of the car. But since we are drawing this car picture as seen from the side, we only need to draw one side mirror.

Illustration for step 8 - draw the side mirror, showing the correct place to draw the side mirror on the car.

Step 9 – Draw the windows

Draw a curved line that follows the same curve as the roof of the car. Then, connect it back to the side mirror. This will create an area for the car’s windows.

Illustration for step 9 - draw the windows, showing where to draw the half-moon shape for the car's windows.

Step 10 – Draw the handles

Draw small, rectangular ovals under the car’s window. One for the front seat and one for the back seat. These will be the car’s handles.

Illustration for step 10 - draw the handles, showing where to draw the shapes of the car's handles.

Step 11 – Draw the hubcaps/tires

Draw a circle inside each of the wheels. Try your best to make it as even to an actual circle as possible – it’ll help make your car look more realistic. These circles will show that the wheel has two parts – a tire and a hubcap.

Illustration for step 11 - draw the hubcaps and tires, showing how to draw a circle inside each wheel to make it look like it has a tire and a hubcap area.

Step 12 – Draw the headlights and rear lights

Add some small rectangular shapes on the front and back of the car as shown below. These will be for the car’s headlights and rear lights.

Illustratio for step 12 - draw the headlights and rear lights, showing where to draw the lights on the front and back of the car.

Now you can color in your car drawing however you like! What color will you make your car? You can also add some background information such as the road, the sky, trees, houses in the background, the sun, etc. You can draw people inside your car, too, if you like!

Printable Car Coloring Page

You can print out this car coloring page in our shop.

A preview of the car coloring page with a watermark.

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