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How To Draw A Cat Step By Step

Let’s learn how to draw a cat easily, using this step by step drawing tutorial. I will show you how to draw a simple cartoon cat that’s easy for kids to learn how to draw. I have another tutorial showing how to draw a realistic cat.

Step 1

First, draw a wide oval shape for the cat’s head.

How to draw a cat's head.

Step 2

Next, let’s draw the cat’s ears. Draw two big triangles on top of the head. You can make the ears pointy or a bit more round.

How to draw cat ears.

Step 3

Draw the cat’s nose. In the center of the cat’s face, draw a small triangle. Notice the way that the triangle is pointed down, with a flat edge on top.

How to draw a cat's nose.

Step 4

Draw the cat’s eyes. Imagine that there is a straight line going across the top of the cat’s nose. Draw half-circles along this imaginary line, like two rainbows. Then add curved lines for the bottom of the eyes.

How to draw a cat's eyes.

Step 5

Next, draw the iris of the cat’s eye. The iris is the big ring-shaped part of the eye that has color. Cat irises are often more brightly colored than human irises, with vivid shades of yellow, orange, green, blue, etc.

To draw the irises, draw big circles that fill up almost the entire space of the cat’s eyes.

How to draw a cat's eyes (showing the iris).

Step 6

Draw the cat’s mouth. Cat mouths connect to the cat’s nose in the center. So to draw a cat’s mouth, you can draw two curved lines coming down and to the sides of the cat’s nose.

How to draw a cat's mouth.

Step 7

Let’s add some whiskers to our kitty! Draw three lines on the sides of the cat’s face. You can make them as short or as long as you want. I decided to make mine short for this example on how to draw a cat.

How to draw the cat's whiskers.

Step 8

Now we’ll add some details to the cat’s face. First, add some small circles to the top left part of the cat’s eyes. These circles will be reflections of light in the cat’s eyes, which will make the final drawing of the cat look like it has bright, sparkling eyes.

Then, add some little dots above the cat’s nose. These little dots look like freckles on the cat’s face, but on real cats they are actually hairless spots where the whisker hairs grow.

how to draw a cat face, adding detail to the cat's face.

Step 9

Now add the cat’s pupils. To draw the cat’s pupils, draw thin pointed ovals going up and down in the center of the cat’s eyes. Make sure you don’t draw through the circles of the reflections!

how to draw a cat cartoon, drawing the cat's pupils.

Step 10

Next, add some teeth to the mouth of your drawing of a cat. Cat teeth are pointy and sharp-looking. I decided to draw my cat’s teeth a bit more short and round, so it will be more friendly-looking.

how to draw a cat face, adding teeth to the cat.

Step 11

To draw the cat’s body, draw two long curved lines coming down from the cat’s head.

How to draw a cat's body, simple.

Step 12

Draw the cat’s paws. Make a curved line with a point in the middle, connecting on both sides of the cat’s body.

how to draw a cat cute, drawing the cat's paws.

Step 13

Draw the cat’s front legs. From the point at the middle of the last line you drew for the paws, add two slightly curved lines coming up.

How to draw a cat's legs easily.

Step 14

Draw the cat’s tail. You can draw the cat’s tail in any shape you like. It can be going up, down, or wrapped around the kitty’s paws (as cats sometimes do!).

Then draw two small, short lines on each paw to show the toes of the cat’s paws.

example of how to draw a cat for kids, showing how to draw the tail.

Now your cat drawing is done! Well, almost.

Details For Your Drawing Of A Cat

If you want to, you can add some extra details to your cat to help tell more about your cat. What is your cat’s personality like? Is it a friendly cat? Is it a fancy cat?

Here you can see a few different ways I added details to my cat drawing. I made an angel cat with wings and a halo, a girly cat with curly whiskers and a bow, a tiger-striped kitty, and a cute cat with big spots.

Don’t forget to color in your cat when you are all done!

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