Learning to draw a dragon is not as hard as you think it is – it’s actually a lot of fun and gives you a chance to really get creative imagining what your dragon could look like.

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How to Draw A Dragon Step By Step

A drawing of a dragon on paper with markers beside it.

Step 1 – Draw The Dragon’s Back

To draw the dragon’s back, draw a line that curves up at the sides and in the middle. Notice how the right side of the curve is a little bit lower than the left side. The left side will be where the dragon’s head is and the right side will be where the dragon’s tail is.

How to draw a dragon's body, showing how to draw the back of the dragon.

Step 2 – Draw The Dragon’s Belly

To draw the dragon’s belly, just add another line that follows the same curve as the one you did for the dragon’s back. It should connect on the right side to form the dragon’s tail. Keep the left side open so we can draw the head next.

How to draw the body of a dragon, showing how to draw the belly of the dragon.

Step 3 – Draw The Dragon’s Head

To draw the head of a dragon, draw a mitten-like shape with a big curve for the top of the head and a narrow, long curve for the dragon’s jaw. Connect it with the body.

Illustration showing how to draw a dragon head step by step.

Step 4 – Draw Horns And Teeth

Add two horns to the top of your dragon’s head, and add a zig-zag line in the mouth to make the teeth. You can make the horns long, short, pointy, round, twisty, or however you like!

Example of how to add horns and teeth to your drawing of a dragon.

Step 5 – Draw The Dragon’s Arms

First, draw the arm that’s facing the front. I drew two curved lines coming out of the dragon’s body for the arms, then added zig zags for it’s claws. Once you draw the front arm, you can draw the second arm the same way but tilted upwards.

Notice how I drew over the line of the dragon’s belly to make the arms. This will help to give depth to our drawing. Later on we will erase extra lines.

Example of how to draw a dragon's arms simply.

Step 6 – Draw The Dragon’s Legs

To draw the dragon’s legs and feet, draw short curved lines coming out of the other side of the dragon’s belly. Make the legs shorter but the feet longer than you drew the hands. Zig zag lines are a simple way to draw the claws on the dragon’s legs!

This illustration shows how to draw dragon feet.

Step 7 – Draw The Dragon’s Wings

To draw dragon wings, start by adding two curved V-shaped lines coming out of the dragon’s back, lined up with where the arms come out of the other side of it.

How to draw dragon's wings, the first step showing curved lines.

Step 8 – Drawing The Dragon’s Wings Part 2

Next, add a curved line to the ends of each line of the V you drew. These will be the top of the dragon’s wings.

How to draw a dragon's wings, second step.

Step 9 – Finish The Dragon’s Wings

To finish up drawing the dragon’s wings, add scalloped lines connecting the tips of the wings to the base of where the V-lines touch the body. For the back wing, you might not be able to show all of it because the front wing is blocking. Just draw what you would be able to see.

The last step in drawing a dragon's wings is to add scalloped ridges for the bottom of the wings.

Step 10 – Draw Fire Breath

To draw a fire-breathing dragon, add some flames in front of it’s mouth! Flames start out narrower (from where they come from) and get wider at the ends. Draw a big flame and then add some very small flicks of flame next to it. The little flame flicks help to suggest that the flames are moving.

Showing how to add flames to draw a fire breathing dragon.

Step 11 – Color Your Drawing Of A Dragon

Now that you have drawn a picture of a dragon, color it in! You can make it any color you like. Try using different colors or drawing small dots or dashes to add texture to the dragon’s body. This will help it look like the dragon is covered in tiny, glistening scales. You can also add a background to your picture by adding a few clouds, a sun or moon, mountains, or maybe even some more dragons!

Drawing of a dragon with color, a simple drawing of a dragon for kids.

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