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A drawing of a snake on a piece of paper with colorful markers next to it.

Step 1 – Draw the eyes

Draw two circles towards the top of your paper. Hey circles should be somewhat small, and of equal size to each other. The circles will be for our snake’s eyes. Don’t make them too big otherwise we won’t have enough room in the paper for the rest of the snake!

Two small black circles on a white paper.

Step 2 – Draw the snake’s head

To draw a snake’s head, we’re going to make a U-shaped line that goes on the bottom of the eyes from one eye to the other.

How to draw a snake's head, as shown by drawing two small circles and connecting them with a U-shape.

Step 3 – Draw the snake’s body

Next make a long backwards S shape that goes from the left eye and swirls down towards the bottom of the paper.

Showing how to draw the snake's body, which is shaped like an S.

Step 4 – Draw the other side of the body

Now do the same thing except start at the top of the other eye. When you get to the bottom of the paper connect to your line with the other line that we just drew. Now you have made a snake’s body.

Showing how to draw another S-line to make the other side of the snake's body.

Step 5 – Draw the snake’s tongue

Nice have a funny looking town. They use it by sticking it out into the air – it actually helps them smell for prey.

To draw the snake’s tongue, draw two short lines that come out of the bottom of the snakes head. Connect them together with an upside down V shape.

Showing how to draw a snake's tongue, which is made by two small parallel lines connected with a V-shape.

Step 6 – Draw the pupils

Now let’s add some pupils to our snake’s eyes to make it look a little bit more cute.

Draw two small circles inside the circles that we already drew for the eyes.

They can be pointing in any direction, just make sure that you place them in the same spot in each eye. If you don’t do that, you’re a snake is going to look very confused!

Showing how to draw pupils in the snake's eyes by drawing two smaller circles inside the eyes.

Step 7 – Draw the snake’s nostrils

Snakes nose has two nostrils, but its nose doesn’t stick out of its head the same way that human’s nose does. To make a snake’s nose, just draw two short lines towards the bottom of the head near the mouth.

Showing how to draw a snake's nostrils - two small short lines on the snake's head near it's mouth.

Step 8 – Draw eyelashes (optional)

This next step is optional, which means that you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. I decided to draw some eyelashes on my snake to make it look a little bit more sweet.

To draw eyelashes on your snake, just draw some short curved lines sticking out of its eyes.

Showing how you can make your snake a little cuter by drawing short curved lines near the eyes as eyelashes.

Now you’re all done drawing the line art for your snake! I hope you’ll have fun adding some details to your snake’s body.

Step 9 – Add Scale Patterns

Remember that snakes have scales. There are lots of patterns you can try to make it look like your snake has scales. Here are some:

Showing different patterns that you can use to show texture in a drawing of a snake: U-shaped scales spaced apart, U-shaped scallops, a criss-cross or lattice shape, and a chevron.
Which kind of scales do you want to put on your snake? Pick one of these patterns or make your own!

Step 10 – Color in your snake drawing

Last thing to do is to color in your drawing of a snake. Here’s how I colored mine in. I used an iPad app called Procreate to draw this picture and color it in.

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