When teaching kids how to draw it’s important for them to understand that drawing abilities are not something that some people are born with and others are not. Drawing is a skill that is teachable and that any child is capable of learning and improving on.

How To Draw for kids – Easy Step By Step Lessons

On this site you will find several easy drawing lessons for young kids age 5-10. These step-by-step drawing tutorials will teach kids the drawing fundamentals so they can become more confident in their drawing abilities. Each lesson can be viewed on this site, played as a YouTube video, and/or printed out.

Why should kids learn how to draw?

Drawing is a valuable skill. It helps kids communicate themselves visually, which has many applications aside from those in artistic outlets. For example, drawing can help kids explain ideas that may be difficult for them to explain using verbal language. The ability to visualize can help them understand unfamiliar concepts in math, reading, and science.

Learning to draw is learning to see. It is a life skill that teaches kids to be better observers of the world around them, to recognize what’s there and what isn’t, and to imagine.

Tips for teaching kids how to draw

Make sure that when teaching kids how to draw you consider their readiness to learn. Are their basic needs (physical & emotional) met right now?

Think about their surroundings – the room, seating, and surfaces they’ll be using for drawing. Is the setting welcoming and are they sitting comfortably?

Kids enjoy drawing a lot more when they have fun materials and an interest in the thing they’re to draw. Are they excited about the drawing materials they’ll be using and the subject they’ll be drawing?

Also, consider whether the drawing challenge is right for their age and abilities. Is the level of challenge right for them, not too easy and not too hard?

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